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Fake Patreon Accounts are used to Promote Malicious Crypto Projects

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Users from social media like Reddit and Twitter have recently noticed a disturbing trend. People are using fake Patreon accounts to support harmful crypto projects. Here is what we know about the problem:

Criminals set up fake Patreon accounts. They pretend to be welFake Patreon Accounts are used to Promote Malicious Crypto Projectsl-known cryptocurrency projects or developers.

They use these identities to send users phishing emails. They often claim to provide unique investment opportunities or fake airdrops.

Emails like this might ask for private keys. They might bring you to dangerous websites.

“Cryptographers’ fraud is becoming more and more clever. I hadn’t signed up for Patreon. So, I ignored the email on the left side of the screen. A few minutes later, I received another email (second image). I clicked and saw this (third image). It is obvious that this is a fraud.  

Patreon claims to have resolved the matter

Patreon Support replied to a cryptocurrency user. They said that they had fixed the issue.

The company clarified that an extra message from a cryptocurrency account, pretending to be a Patreon creator, and problems with email verification were the two main factors that contributed to the incident.

They reassured users that they had resolved the issue. They also said the affected accounts were being addressed.

Even after the update, several X users reported still receiving scam emails.

Airdrop Scam Alert: Hackers Use Fake Patreon Accounts for Crypto Fraud

Hackers will act as legal cryptocurrency projects or developers on Patreon. They will deceive people by tricking them into participating in fake airdrops. They will also use phishing scams and malware downloads. People know this type of scam as airdrop fraud. They deceive consumers, leading them to trust them. Then, they steal their money or personal data.

Here’s how that scam works:

Fake Accounts

Hackers make fake Patreon accounts. They use the names and logos of well-known crypto developers or projects. These accounts initially seem authentic, but they often have large numbers of followers.

 Scam emails

Hackers use these fake accounts to distribute phishing emails in large quantities. These emails usually trap people with promises of unique knowledge. They also promise airdrops or temporary investment opportunities.

Virus Downloads

Consumers’ devices get infected with malware. They click on dangerous links in emails. They also visit fake websites. These fake websites might also mimic real cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms. This is to further trick customers.

Fake Patreon Accounts _ a heacker looked image

 Information stealing

Information stealing happens when users arrive at fake websites. We ask them to submit their passwords, private keys, or other sensitive information. After that, hackers use this data to access users’ cryptocurrency wallets and accounts.

 Money Loss

The victims of this scam, for this reason, lose their Bitcoin. They also face financial losses due to illegal transactions.

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Wrap-Up the Content

In conclusion, the increasing number of fake Patreon accounts threatens cryptocurrency users. Hackers use these accounts to carry out fraud and phishing attacks. They act as legitimate actions. Users are still receiving fraudulent emails. This shows that Patreon has not stopped the ongoing airdrop fraud. 

Despite its efforts to solve the issue, Crypto fans need to be on alert at all times. They should never disclose critical information or click on suspicious sites. The cryptocurrency world is changing. It’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable. Take caution when using the internet. Protect your personal information and prevent losing money.

Remain alert and protect your cryptocurrency assets!

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