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Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as the first official cryptocurrency. Currently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. The easiest ways to buy Bitcoin are to use Bitcoin wallets and CEX or Cryptocurrency Centralized Exchanges.

You can buy Bitcoin with an Amazon Gift card from any seller by using a cryptocurrency exchange service. A free Bitcoin wallet is needed to complete your purchase. Gift card points can be exchanged to purchase Bitcoins. Here is a complete guide on how to buy Bitcoin with an Amazon gift card. Read further to find out how to buy USDT with an Amazon gift card.

Benefits of an Amazon Gift Card

You must have an active Amazon account to use a gift card. The gift card can be redeemed on Amazon’s official website. After redeeming the points, the balance will be transferred to the active Amazon account. This balance cannot be transferred to other accounts. It can be used to buy things directly on Amazon or to confirm purchases. You can directly buy BTC with an Amazon Gift Card.

Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card Points

Amazon is one of the most popular online trading platforms. They have millions of active user accounts. It is a beneficial platform for buyers and sellers alike. Amazon offers various benefits to its active users. One such benefit is the Amazon Gift card. Gift cards can store points. These points can be redeemed and exchanged for a balance stored on the Amazon account.

Amazon gift cards can be purchased on the official website. These Gift Cards can also be used to purchase cryptocurrency. Follow these steps to buy Bitcoin using an Amazon Gift card:

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Steps to buy Bitcoin with an Amazon Gift Card

Take the following simple steps to buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card:

01. Active Amazon account

Go to or any version of the website in your country. Activate an Amazon account to use for purchases.

02. Purchase Amazon Gift Card

The process of ordering gift cards is collected from the Amazon website:

  • i) Select “Gift Cards”
  • ii) Select the type of card
  • iii) “Add to Cart” and then select “Checkout”
  • iv) Fill in the payment information before confirming your purchase
  • v) Place order

03. Sign up for a purchase platform

Create an account on any website or platform that allows the purchase of cryptocurrency using gift cards. You can use any platform such as Paxfull, remittance, BitValve, etc.

04. Select the cryptocurrency

After registration, select which cryptocurrency to buy. You can buy USDT with an Amazon gift card. So it is possible to purchase other cryptocurrencies using Gift cards too. Select Bitcoin from the list of cryptocurrencies.

05. Select a payment method

Check the list of payment methods and select a gift card. This is the gift card you ordered from Amazon.

06. Check for the best offer

There should be active offers to choose from. Surf the active offers under Bitcoin. Compare the offers to select the cheapest one.

07. Agree to terms and conditions

Select the terms and conditions of the buyer and select the conversion currency.

08. Secure Bitcoin amount

Specify how many BTC points you want to exchange. Confirm the conversion currency. For example, if you’re converting USD to BTC, check the conversion rate.

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09. Wait for Escrow confirmation

When purchasing cryptocurrency, it is necessary to wait for Escrow confirmation.

10. Put in the Amazon Gift Card code

Enter your unique gift card code. Be sure the code hasn’t been used before for any purchases.

11. Confirmation

After carefully checking all the details of your exchange, purchase the BTC. The provided information will be retained by the seller and the platform you used.

12. Bitcoin wallet

Check your Bitcoin wallet for purchase confirmation. The purchased BTC should be stored in your Bitcoin wallet. This cryptocurrency can be used for any digital exchange from the wallet.

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Wrapping Up The Content

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency. Many online traders mine Bitcoin using different online wallets and exchanges. This cryptocurrency can be used to buy other online currency or digital assets. Bitcoin can be bought using crypto exchange platforms. Amazon Gift Cards can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining has been popular ever since the cryptocurrency boom of 2016. The currency has been hit by low exchange rates and highs as well. But it has remained consistent in the world of crypto exchange.

Amazon is one of the most popular online trading companies. They offer gift cards to facilitate purchases on their platform. The Amazon Gift cards can only be exchanged on the Amazon official website. But gift cards are an accepted method of payment. After registering to a trusted exchange platform, the gift card can be selected as a payment method for payment. The Gift card code must be unique and unused previously. This is a guide on how to buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card.

Frequently Asked Question

Is GiftoCash the best site to trade gift cards for Bitcoin online?

It is necessary to compare different websites before buying cryptocurrency. Many websites are claimed as the best websites for crypto but they might have shortcomings or scams. GIftocash lets users exchange their gift cards for Bitcoin. Competitive rates can be viewed on Giftocash before purchase.

Can I exchange an Amazon gift card for USDT?

Yes, you can exchange an Amazon gift card for USDT. it can be done using peer-to-peer(P2P) platforms. Popular P2P platforms are Paxful and LocalBitcoins. P2P platforms create direct contact between buyers and sellers. The traders can exchange gift cards, assets, and cryptocurrencies through P2P.

How can someone claim an Amazon gift card on Binance?

Currently, Amazon gift cards can only be claimed on Amazon’s official website. There is no way to claim an Amazon card on Binance. To check if there will be any collaboration between the websites in the future, you can keep an eye on the Binance official website. Only card purchases are valid for the time being.

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