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Top 9 Crypto Affiliate Programs And Opportunities In 2024

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Cryptocurrencies are still changing, and more people are becoming interested, from experienced traders to newbies. If you’re into social media or marketing, you can make money through crypto Affiliate programs without doing much. This article talks about the best 09 crypto affiliate programs in 2024, explaining how they work, how much you can earn, and what makes each one special. 

Crypto Affiliate Programs: Best Crypto Affiliate Programs In 2024

1. YouHodler

Commission: YouHodler lets you earn money by referring people to their platform. You can get up to 15% commission for each person you refer who’s actively trading. They’ve also started sharing 20% of their revenue with affiliate partners. 

Period: The affiliate program provides a lifetime commission. As long as the clients you refer remain active on YouHodler’s platform, you’ll earn commissions.

Availability: YouHodler’s affiliate program is accessible in 180+ countries, making it a global opportunity for affiliates.

Payout: If you’re an affiliate, you can choose how to get paid. You can select regular money or digital money like Bitcoin or Stablecoins. This means you can get your money the way you like it. 

Why YouHodler Stands Out:

  • High Conversion Rate
  • Diverse Product Offerings
  • Trustworthy Partner
  • 24/7 Customer Support

2. eToro

Commision: eToro has a changing commission plan. Suppose you get people to sign up and trade. You can make between $200 and $600 for each active trader you bring in. How much you earn depends on how much those traders actually trade. 

Period: The affiliate program gives you money for life! If you tell people about eToro and they keep using it, you get paid. Easy as that! 

Availability: eToro’s affiliate program lets people from all over the world join. If you’re into marketing or influencing, you can join it and reach people worldwide. 

Payout: Affiliates get paid in regular and digital money like Bitcoin. This means users can pick how they want to get paid. 

Why eToro Stands Out

  • Variable Commissions
  • Global Reputation
  • Diverse Asset Offerings

3. Uphold

Commission: Uphold allows you to make money by getting people to sign up. You can get up to half of the money they spend. And if you sign up now, for the first 3 months, you get even more, 50% of what they pay! 

Period: The affiliate program provides a lifetime commission. As long as the clients you refer continue to use Uphold’s platform, you’ll keep earning commissions.

Availability: Uphold’s affiliate program is accessible to affiliates in over 180 countries. It’s a global opportunity for marketers and influencers.

Payout: Affiliates receive payments through various methods:

  • Bank Wire
  • ACH (Direct Deposit)
  • PayPal

This flexibility allows you to choose your preferred mode of payment.

Why Uphold Stands Out:

  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Expert Affiliate Support
  • High-Performing Marketing Assets
  • Competitive Revenue Share
  • Timely Payouts

4. Margex 

Commission: Margex gives its partners a set commission rate of 40%. That means you get 40% of the trading fees from the people you bring in. It’s simple: you earn money without any tricky rules! 

Period: The affiliate program lets you earn money for a long time. If the people you bring to Margex keep using it, you keep getting paid. 

Availability: Anyone can be an affiliate! Just sign up for Margex, and you’ll get a special link to share. 

Payout: Affiliates get paid every day in Bitcoin (BTC). Margex ensures you can see how much you’ve earned and gets your money on time. 

Why Margex Stands Out:

  • High Commission Rate
  • User-Friendly Program

5. Coinbase

Commission: Coinbase gives you a 50% cut if you bring in new users. So, if people you recommend buy stuff, you get half the money they spend. 

Period: The affiliate program provides a lifetime commission. As long as your referred users continue to use Coinbase, you’ll keep earning commissions.

Availability: The program lets people from all over the world join in, so anyone can participate. But right now, folks in the UK can only sign up for it if the UK affiliate program is taking new applications. 


Affiliates get money based on how much their friends trade. Coinbase gives them stuff and special software to see how well they’re doing. 

Why Coinbase Stands Out:

  • Global Reputation
  • Diverse Asset Offerings
  • User-Friendly Platform

6. KuCoin

Commission: KuCoin gives you different amounts of money based on how many people you invite to trade. You could get up to 60% of the fees they pay. And if the people you invite also invite others, you can earn money from them too. 


If you get people to join KuCoin through you, you’ll keep earning money if they keep using it. Easy peasy! 


Anyone with community, media, or other resources can apply to become a KuCoin affiliate. It’s a global opportunity accessible in 180+ countries.

Payout: Get paid daily with commissions up to 60% of trading fees in regular money or cryptocurrencies. KuCoin has a dashboard that shows you clearly how much commission you’ve earned, making it easy to manage. 

Why KuCoin Stands Out:

  • High Commissions
  • Transparent System
  • Second-Tier Commissions

7. Wirex 

Commission: Wirex offers attractive payouts for various actions:

  • $300 for Wirex Multiply
  • $250 deposit into X-Account Plus
  • $100 for DUO after the first card transaction

The commission structure ensures that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts.

Period: The affiliate program provides a lifetime commission. You’ll continue earning commissions as long as your referred clients remain active on Wirex.


Wirex wants people and businesses from all over the world to join their program. You can join if you’re in over 180 countries. 


Get paid for every person you bring in who uses the service. The more friends you get to sign up, the more money you make. Keep track of how much you’ve earned from different links all in one place. 

Why Wirex Stands Out:

  • Diverse Offerings
  • Crypto Rewards
  • Global Reputation

8. Bybit

Commission: Bybit gives its partners commissions forever. You get paid when people join Bybit through your link and trade a lot. Plus, you’ll have a manager to help you with marketing and tech to get more people to sign up. 


Anyone from anywhere can join the Bybit affiliate program. If you’re into social media or marketing, you can sign up and make money by promoting stuff. 


You get paid monthly to bring new people to Bybit’s trading platform. They calculate and give you daily money so you get paid on time. 

Why Bybit Stands Out:

  • Innovative Portal
  • Global Community
  • 1:1 Account Services


Commission: MEXC offers a double-tiered commission structure: Earn 50% on your referrals’ trading fees. Additionally, earn 10% of what your sub-affiliates earn. These competitive commissions ensure attractive earnings for affiliates.


The affiliate program provides a lifetime commission. As long as your referred traders remain active on MEXC, you’ll continue earning commissions.


MEXC wants influencers and content creators to excite their trading platforms. It’s a big deal worldwide, with people from over 170 countries involved. 


Get money in the cryptocurrency you like best. It’s essential to have options. MEXC ensures everything is clear by giving detailed reports on how well promotions work. 

Why MEXC Stands Out:

  • High Rebate
  • Global Reach
  • Innovative Approach

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This article discusses how you can earn money by partnering up with Crypto Affiliate programs in 2024. You can work with big companies like Binance and Coinbase. Also, there are chances with places that make special wallets for your digital money, like Trezor and Ledger. You can also make cash with companies that help you sort out your crypto taxes, like Divly and CoinTracking. 

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