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The digital currency exchange Coinbase started in 2012 with the aim to make Cryptocurrency exchange easier for online traders. Currently, Coinbase has over 100 million registered users. It’s become a popular and trusted currency exchange service.

In the current market, Coinbase is assumed to hold over $256 billion in assets. When the company introduced its Coinbase affiliate program, crypto traders were thrilled and quickly jumped on the wagon.

What is the Coinbase Affiliate Program?

It is a CPS program where traders get paid for promoting Cryptocurrency services. To water it down, if you join there, you can earn a commission each time someone buys currency from Coinbase based on your promotion.

It does not offer any membership payment. The earnings are purely payment per sale based. The accounts with higher sales for Coinbase will generate a higher income from the Program.

Coinbase affiliate program - Afiliate marketing strategy

Are there any trustworthy crypto affiliate programs?

Crypto affiliate programs can be tricky to figure out. So don’t go on joining an unknown or new program that’s just launched. Currently, the Coinbase Affiliate Program is one of the most trusted among crypto affiliate programs. Here are some crypto affiliate programs with high payouts:

  • Binance
  • Eighcap
  • Coinbase
  • ByBit
  • Paxful
  • Coinmama
  • Bitsgap
  • Paybis

From our list, the Coinbase is the partnership discussed in detail.

How does one become a Coinbase Affiliate?

Follow these simple steps to start earning through Coinbase Affiliate:

  1. Start a website: If you have a website with regular content and consistent traffic, you are eligible for the Coinbase Affiliate Program.
  2. Post regular content: To drive traffic to your website you must post regular content such as blogs or updates.
  3. Register as an affiliate: Go to the website and search for their affiliate program. Fill in the form supplied. Now you are a registered affiliate partner.
  4. Select referral link: Copy the referral link and post it on your website. Select a blog or website content that has good traffic. Embed the Coinbase referral link to this text. When the anchor text gets clicked, your website traffic will be directed to
  5. Collect your affiliate earnings: Coinbase will offer you half of the earnings for each sale for the first three months. This means if someone exchanges crypto using the referral link shared on your website or social media, you will receive 50% of the exchange rate. The payout may change later on.

How to get $10 for free with Coinbase?

Coinbase sometimes offers new affiliate partners to get a bonus when signing up. The $10 bonus was an offer from Coinbase for new joiners. When you sign up, use the code “EGC” and get $10 in Bitcoin.

Can you stake or earn on crypto using Coinbase?

Coinbase accepts global traffic. The company also creates promotional content for Social Programs.

If you want to stake using your cryptocurrency, you can use your primary balance. You are not eligible for any awards if you have funds stored in your digital vault. Business accounts aren’t eligible for service awards either.

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What is the future of Crypto affiliate programs?

Cryptocurrency has experienced a boom since 2016. New currencies and exchange services are introduced into the crypto market each year. Crypto affiliate programs allow online traders to earn through their crypto investments.

Any trader who has exchanged Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or other currencies is aware that the crypto market is always dynamic. The price or exchange rate of currencies varies depending on the market. But the social media and website affiliate market is now booming.

Social media has millions of users and it is an ideal environment to promote any business. Influencers whose accounts are based on business-related or crypto-related information can easily start crypto affiliate marketing.

Depending on the popularity of business websites and social media, Affiliate programs will have a long run. Coinbase Affiliate Program is one such trustworthy crypto affiliate. If investors and eager businessmen keep promoting Coinbase, the affiliate program will last long.


Crypto affiliate programs allow traders to earn money via referrals of crypto exchange services. The affiliate partner needs to promote the exchange service by embedding the link on their social media account, website blog, or website post.

When a target buyer clicks on the crypto referral link and exchanges currency, the affiliate partner gets a commission from the sale. The partner does not get any payment for joining the partnership program.

Coinbase affiliate program provides traders with 50% of the total exchanges. Coinbase deals with accounts from all around the world. It is easy for influencers to promote Coinbase with specifically catered content. Overall the program is trustworthy and profitable for the account holder. No extra investment is needed to join an affiliate program. If you are interested in learning more ways to earn money with cryptocurrency then you can also read our previous article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to your Coinbase account if you stop using it?

If a Coinbase account remains unused for long, you will receive emails related to the account’s inactivity. After some warnings, the account will be closed. When the account is closed, the user can no longer use buy/sell services. The Crypto balance will be disabled. If your account still has a balance, you can send it to a digital wallet.

What is the best Bitcoin affiliate?

The best Bitcoin affiliates are Coinbase, Eightcap, ByBit, and Coinmama. These affiliate programs also support many other popular currency exchanges.

What is staking in cryptocurrency?

In Cryptocurrency, traders can stake account balances to earn rewards. The rewards are also in the form of cryptocurrency. Staking can strengthen the security of a blockchain network. Cryptocurrency staking can be canceled at any point.

Which are the best crypto referral apps?

The best crypto referral apps are:
01. Coinbase
02. SimpleSwap
03. 3Commas
04. Ledger

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