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last month wallet drainers hacked $4 million from Solana users. According to Scam Sniffer, wallet drainers were stolen. More than $4 million from Solana users last month. Scam Sniffer notes that more than four thousand user groups have been lost. Their funds are wallet drainers in phishing attacks.

In an anti-scam platform, scammers use anti-simulation techniques to block wallets that require showing balance changes.

Scam Sniffer, a Web3 anti-scam platform, sophisticated Solana wallet drainers stole. More than $4 million from Solana users last month.

According to a post by X (Twitter), the anti-scam platform noted that there were more than 4,000 users. It has fallen victim to a widespread phishing attack, leading to wallet drainers.

Scam sniffers said the incident was first noticed by Rainbow Drainer. When one of the victims reported an airdrop phishing incident, it warned users of various fraudulent practices going on. In a post on December 16, 2023, Scam Sniffer warned. Scammers use anti-simulation techniques to prevent wallets from showing balance changes. As a result, victims sign false transactions and lose their wealth.

According to data from Dune Analytics, the anti-scam platform noted. The Rainbow Drainer stole approximately $2.14 million from 2,189 victims. This is another scammer, which has also identified Node Drainer. Which was involved in a Christmas Day phishing campaign and stole over $2 million in less than two weeks.

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Solana raises a warning about phishing scams.

The scam sniffer also noted that another address associated with Node Drainer was converted. The stolen USDC was sent to ETH via AllBridge. The result was a profit of over $1 million. It explained that Solana phishing often involves direct transfers. Ethereum and exploiting transaction simulation vulnerabilities.

In the last quarter of 2023, many users were attracted to Solana. Resulting in a significant increase in its price. Layer-One Blockchain Solutions gained more than 570% between September 27 and December 25, 2023, according to data from TradingView.

SOL traded at $97.79 and rebounded from its Christmas Day high of $125.97. The security platform advises all crypto users to be cautious and aware of attackers.

Protests and protests against crypto theft are ongoing.

Scams, hacking, and fraud have become a concern in the crypto space. For investors, businesses, and countries worldwide. According to a CFO finance-focused publication report, $1.8 billion in crypto fraud alone will be lost to hackers in 2023. But the figure represents an impressive 51% drop from the $4 billion loss reported in 2022. Further improvement is required. The digital asset ecosystem and security measures.

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Wallet drainers can steal money in several ways. Already, the anti-scam platform blockchain ecosystem is a dark forest. Describes where the scammers are hiding. It warned users to protect and enhance. Their digital assets by being vigilant and informed. The crypto total market cap is worth $1.64 trillion, including gains last week of 1.8%. Currently, market leader Bitcoin is down 0.17% in the last hour and is trading at 42,767.

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